Logo and branding, packaging, web design and print collateral for a start up organic food brand, inspired by the flavours of India.


DeeLuscious was originally named Brexotic (exotic breakfast).
The name was changed due to the associations with Brexit so many initial concepts have the Brexotic Logo.


Feedback from the first set of ideas brought henna patterns into the packaging to add more of an "Indian feel" to the overall look.


The final design for the front labels removes the stark black border but takes into account a gold border which would be part of the packaging itself as seen in the render below.

Deeluscious Renders.jpg

Back labels were adjusted for the new name with significant legal requirements defining some aspects of the final design, e.g. order of nutritious information. Border colour was also changed to match the new sample of packaging.


Both front and back labels were adjusted for smaller 70g sample packs.
Border was adjusted to allow easy alignment of printed stickers on packaging.


The DeeLuscious website was designed while it was still called Brexotic. The new logo and renders were added in the coding.


Deeluscious website is live and available to order from here


A six page catalogue was also created to go with the samples to be sent to retailers. This would contain information about the product and the brand.