Facet Jewels uses 3D scanning technology to create unique 3D printed jewellery from facial scans.

The brief that brought about this project was set by American company Hatch Jewelry.
The brief was to create a piece of jewellery which would allow for a hidden message using 3D printing.

The customer could either be scanned in store using a 3D scanner or create their own scan using applications such as 123D Catch and email it to Hatch.
The scans would then be reduced to low-poly pieces and turned into jewellery, before being 3D printed in the customer's material of choice.

The main inspiration for this idea came from the transformation in the quality of games, specifically looking at the fifth generation of video games.
The abstract, geometric shapes also match the style of the current 3D printed collection at Hatch Jewelry.

The project required a vast number of prototypes exploring the scans of 6 different people,
followed by experimenting with scale and attachments to turn it into wearable jewellery.

The final outcome is a unique piece of jewellery, highly personal to the wearer.