Packaging design for Christmas cheese and wine gifting.

With all the contents visible in its time on the shelf, the barrel design is a traditional gift shape. The simple ribbon releases from the bottom to take the entire enclosure off rather than just the lid, creating a presence on the dining table as well an attractive centrepiece.

Made from 100% recycled materials, minimal labelling and well tessellating net pieces also reduce waste, keeping in line with the M&S Plan A initiative.


Conceptual packaging design for bespoke Easter egg.

The ribbon of pulled sugar creates a rigid structure to hold up the upper half of the egg, part supported by a tube of praline eggs kept in place on a podium.

The 'egg cup' at the bottom holds the base of the egg in place, which can be used as a serving dish for the praline eggs, as well as becoming a lasting feature in the home.

Fitting in with other luxury Easter eggs on the shelves of M&S.