Promoting Valentines Day on Eurostar, the concept focuses on the ticketing element of the experience and finding out where one is going.

In attempt to replicate the excitement felt when receiving mail from the Queen (monogrammed mail), as a promotional offer, customers would be able to buy a surprise ticket for a loved one to receive in an envelope monogrammed with the Eurostar logo.

The process started off looking at 3D origami models such as monuments, progressing into simpler, more compact final designs.

Conforming with the Valentines' theme, a flat origami heart was developed to have a net with scattered graphics that assemble in the centre to reveal the holiday destination via a tell-tale icon. This would be received in the mail, accompanied by a letter explaining the promotion and instructions.

The scattered graphics on the front are almost unnoticed or look irrelevant and random until the heart is folded together.

The set of instructions have 14 easy steps to follow. The method encourages users to complete the process as the graphic is not visible until the last steps.

The promotional video below shows how the various elements of the project are envisioned to tie in together with the user.

The end piece creates a lasting impression on a partner and can be kept as a piece of memorabilia for the trip.